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Everyone can make a contribution: Our products and services support sustainable lifestyles. Today, a lot of people are concerned about conserving resources and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our products and services help them do this. We make it possible for people to do things like control their energy consumption, reduce paper waste and cut down on their need to travel. Deciding to buy a low-energy product is a big zuhause option telekom in the right direction. But consumers often find it hard to know which products are green.

To help them out, Deutsche Telekom uses the recognized Blue Angel Blauer Engel environmental seal; almost all of Telekom Deutschland's fixed-line devices bear this seal. They are particularly energy-efficient, low-radiation and often come with replaceable batteries. Our Speedphone series also lets users reduce transmission power and an automatic software update feature extends product lifespan. Our customers can reduce up to 30 percent of their energy costs with Magenta SmartHome.

The Magenta SmartHome app works like a remote control for your home. Customers can control the lights, temperature, power and a number of electronic devices any time and anywhere. They can control the heating form any location, for example, resulting in lower energy consumption and costs.

People make countless decisions zuhause option telekom day that have an impact on the environment to a greater or lesser extent. Deutsche Telekom's free WeCare app provides tips and tricks for responsible behavior like "green surfing. People who want to find out more about cyber crime, malware and phishing scams as well as how to protect themselves visit the Deutsche Telekom website www.

Young people, adults and businesses will find useful information and specific tips concerning security and data protection. Encrypting your e-mails before you send them protects them from unauthorized access.

With the solution, e-mails can only be read by the sender and the recipient. Deutsche Telekom operates the solution at zuhause option telekom highly secure data center. Mobile surfing can be expensive, especially with children and teenagers who often forget to keep track. Deutsche Telekom offers a special family plan zuhause option telekom blocks expensive mobile data use does not apply to WiFi as a default setting. Customers can zuhause option telekom block calls to numbers that are subject to charge and add the child protection options offered by Deutsche Telekom.

With Deutsche Telekom's AutoApp, car drivers can optimize and find out how fuel-efficient, safe and environmentally friendly their driving is. The app provides zuhause option telekom traffic information in real time zuhause option telekom well as tips for driving safely and fuel-efficiently under current conditions. The app also lets drivers know how much fuel, money zuhause option telekom CO2 they have saved.

In collaboration with bicycle manufacturer BULLS and eBike system manufacturer Brose, Deutsche Telekom presented a connected electric bike in that can be located at all times via smartphone. A motion sensor also detects unusually fast braking activity and extreme tilting which could result in a fall. If the user stops for an unusually long time and does not react to a message on the display, the bike sends a text message with location data to a pre-defined contact person.

The bicycle is scheduled to hit the stores in Customers can hand in used cell phones and smartphones at Telekom Shops. High-end devices can be exchanged for store credit good for purchases at the Telekom Shop. Deutsche Telekom either reuses or properly recycles the devices. The entire cell-phone collection process is DEKRA certified and complies with strict data privacy standards. We offer our customers a router rental service in which they can rent routers from us for a monthly fee. We replace zuhause option telekom routers suffering technical problems and do our best to repair the defective device.

Using products as long as possible is usually the most sustainable option. Doing this conserves resources and reduces electronic scrap. Thanks to Deutsche Telekom's home emergency call system, elderly people living on their own receive the help they need quickly in the event of an emergency. The system works using sensors installed in the home, which are in turn connected to intelligent software. The software is able to tell the difference between a person bending down to pick something up and someone who has fallen.

In case of an emergency, the system automatically contacts the emergency center staff, who then talks to the person needing assistance via a hands-free system. The product zuhause option telekom be available as a home care solution as of Q4 Using digital media is zuhause option telekom nature to young people and they often use it without being aware of the risks or potential.

Today, being able zuhause option telekom use new technologies safely and competently right from the start is one of the main prerequisites for equal opportunity.

Teachtoday is our initiative for teaching people how to use media safely and competently. It supports children, young people, parents and grandparents as well as teachers by offering hands-on tips and material online and at face-to-face events.

Cyber criminals zuhause option telekom those trying to keep data safe are engaged in a technological race against the clock in the network. The Sicherheitsbarometer security barometer app offered by the Deutschland sicher im Netz association provides reports on current threats as well as effective ways to protect your data. A traffic light feature helps users classify risks and the app sends a push zuhause option telekom when risk is high. Deutsche Telekom is a member of Zuhause option telekom sicher im Netz; Dr.

Thomas Kremer, member of Zuhause option telekom Telekom's Board of Management, has zuhause option telekom chairman of the board of the association since Deutsche Telekom has been supporting the efforts of the Nummer gegen Kummer youth counseling line both financially and with technological expertise for 25 years.

Deutsche Telekom bears the costs of all calls and technical routing and guarantees zuhause option telekom anonymity of calls and of advice given over the Internet as well. The Group has been providing two phone numbers at no charge from both the fixed-line and mobile communications zuhause option telekom for callers and organizers zuhause option telekom the Telefonseelsorge crisis counseling helpline since Deutsche Telekom employees also frequently volunteer for the organization.

Problems and crises can affect us at any stage of our lives: A good chat can often help. The TelefonSeelsorge crisis helpline, which has been a partner organization of Deutsche Telekom for many years, offers a direct line to an empathetic ear. We have supported the organization since by providing free telephone numbers and the technical infrastructure it needs. Deutsche Telekom employees also volunteer as telephone advisers. Digital media can make zuhause option telekom life easier in lots of ways, but they can also lead to questions.

The experts at Deutsche Telekom's zuhause option telekom and "Computerhilfe Plus" advisory services provide quick, professional help. Whether you need help with your PC, tablet or smartphone, or whether you have questions about devices, apps, security or cyber bullying, the experts are there to help you in person by telephone and with the help of remote access. Being confident at using digital media is a key skill that enables participation in the information and knowledge society.

Deutsche Telekom wants to give zuhause option telekom and young people a chance to develop this confidence, independently of the parental home. In the Telekom School project, we support all 34, general education and vocational schools across Germany by providing free Internet access.

Trainees at Deutsche Telekom have developed an app that provides better privacy on the Internet. The Privacy Manager analyzes the settings on the user's Facebook profile and allows them zuhause option telekom change these directly in the app. It also offers the latest information and helpful tips on protecting privacy in the digital world. Home Corporate Responsibility current page:

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Now with even more — Deutsche Telekom's new mobile rate plans. Designed with customer needs in mind: New customers can surf with the integrated HotSpot flat rate free of charge, without limits and securely at more than a million access points throughout Germany. No other additional fees will be charged in the rest of the EU, either.

With the new MagentaMobil offering, customers can also use the features of their rate plans to surf, make calls and send texts throughout the EU. Deutsche Telekom is also increasing the data volume once again. More data for everyone Customers want more and more data, to use all the features on their smartphones — even the data-intensive ones — around the clock.

Young people and students will continue to receive double data free of charge as a Friends advantage: Loyalty is rewarded Like last fall, existing customers will once again benefit from the increased data in MagentaMobil rate plans — without any additional costs, fully automatically and without having to take any action.

Seamless connections everywhere The search for free WiFi is over. The MagentaMobil S, M and L rate plans will contain a HotSpot flat rate in future, which gives free, unlimited mobile Internet access to new customers.

Abroad just like at home Currently, customers only rarely activate data roaming in the EU. With the new MagentaMobil rate plans, customers can now surf the web, make calls and send texts abroad without any worries. The same features as in Germany apply to all EU countries, including Switzerland. New and in addition to the existing All Inclusive option: In addition to calls from other EU countries to Germany, calls between two EU countries will also be free of charge in future. Another new feature is billing of data consumption in customer-friendly 1 KB increments.

Deutsche Telekom's new MagentaMobil rate plans are available to consumers and business customers starting April The offer also applies to FamilyCards costing For more information about MagentaMobil, visit: About Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, with around million mobile customers, 30 million fixed-network lines and more than 17 million broadband lines as of December 31, The Group provides fixed-network, mobile communications, Internet and IPTV products and services for consumers, and ICT solutions for business customers and corporate customers.

Deutsche Telekom is present in more than 50 countries and has approximately , employees worldwide. The Group generated revenues of Home Media Media information current page: More data — including existing MagentaMobil customers once again EU roaming free of charge in all MagentaMobil rate plans Including unlimited surfing on over a million HotSpots Extras also included in all FamilyCards from The closest Telekom HotSpot of more than one million in Germany is easy to locate and is activated automatically through the HotSpot Online Manager Abroad just like at home Currently, customers only rarely activate data roaming in the EU.