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Without a doubt, performing thorough fundamental and technical analysis is time consuming and not for the faint of heart. The vast amount of information available to investors is staggering. Furthermore, organizing the data to yield an educated buy, sell, or hold decision is traditionally left to analysts and institutional grade trading markets powerratings review.

Leveling the playing field between institutions and individual investors is no easy task, but Marc manages to pull it off in affordable fashion. Trading markets powerratings review has been involved in the markets for a long time. Chaikin also developed computerized stock selection models for professional money managers and individual investors.

The Power Gauge displays in simple red, orange, and green colors the current outlook of a stock. What makes the Chaikin Power Gauge so effective is its simplicity. The indicator is designed to estimate the direction of a particular stock over the next 3 — 6 months.

The workstation runs in your browser and is a well designed experience screenshot below. The workstation uses a three column layout. In this test run, I had clicked on the Industries sidebar tab then dove into the Computer-Office Equipment industry group. You can see in the second column how Apple is at the top as the companies are automatically sorted by Rating.

Price information, Power Gauge data, and trading markets powerratings review fully marked up stock chart are all displayed. While the stock charts do include some extra technical analysis by default and can be customized for further analysis, the workstation is built around the Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings. When it comes down to it, the workstation is built for two primary purposes: For investors who do not need access to the workstation, there are a variety of other ways to obtain Chaikin research.

First, Chaikin Power Gauge Reports are available for 5, stocks. These reports are auto generated using Chaikin research and can be downloaded in PDF format. They are typically about four pages in length and are once again centered around the Power Gauge rating.

To keep an eye on your whole portfolio, the Chaikin Portfolio Health Check hits your mailbox once a week. Last but not least, Chaikin can be accessed as a widget for your PC or Mac, or downloaded as an app for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Both of these downlaods focus on your personal watchlist and Power Gauge ratings. After my time testing Chaikin, individual investors will find trading markets powerratings review the Trading markets powerratings review Power Suite is the best bang for the buck.

Investors with larger portfolios and institutions will find the Chaikin Analytics package to be more ideal as the extra cost of having access to the workstation can be offset by the deeper industry group analysis and trade ideas generation. The value of having a clean, easy to understand, institutional grade rating for individual selections is attractive.

I really trading markets powerratings review that Chaikin workstation is so easy to use. I did not run into one bug, and it is very apparent the team has invested significant time and resources into building the best possible user experience.

Instead, the idea generation and integration of the Chaikin Power ratings bring in the real value. Enter your email address.

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Improve your stock market trading with quantified systems developed by Larry Connors. PowerRatings is a simple to use and powerful ranking s The highest rated stocks have outperformed all stocks after 5 days.

Short Term PowerRatings are a proprietary stock rating method I have been a subscriber of their much touted power ratings for som The analysts and employees or affiliates of TradingMarkets.

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