Is College Overrated? The Top 21 Highest Paying Jobs with NO College Degree

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The following list provides examples of thirty trade degrees and the types of employment they make possible. The wage data given represents the median income of the given trade or skill discussed. For each occupation listed, therefore, earning potential is even greater than the annual trade school career options hourly earnings listed.

For tradesmen and women trade school career options in construction and general contraction, with organizational and communication skills, construction management offers very high earning potential.

Construction managers must have a good head for economics, pricing and the need to balance costs in order to ensure that the project is achieved within a budget. They also organize, coordinate and supervise construction projects. For more information trade school career options the duties of this career see link.

This is not universal, however, and experience often suffices as sufficient indication of competence. In order to bridge experience in the field and management know-how, many trade schools are now offering programs in construction management. Construction management is considered a high-stress career because managers must meet employer demands, often within a tight schedule of deadlines. Construction managers spend the majority of their work time in an office, going on site to inspect trade school career options project and give directives.

San Joaquin Valley College: Trade school education in power utility technology offers excellent wage-earning profits in a variety of fields related to the conducting and distribution of electricity. Most commonly those trained in power utility technology work as power trade school career options installers or repairers. Other careers that flow from education in power utility technology include:.

Pay is excellent across this field and there is growing demand for trained professionals. This is because power utility technicians oversee, manage and repair the systems and instruments through which electricity flows. Because electrical power trade school career options used trade school career options virtually every area of life and industry, power utility technicians can work in a variety of settings and conditions with very diverse duties and responsibilities.

The many fields open to those trained in power utility technology normally require years of on-the-job training as well as apprenticeships. Requirements will vary according to the specific career chosen.

Garden and Landscaping Design. Garden and landscaping design is a professional skill that offers excellent earning potential. With a combined ability in surveying and land management and aesthetic sensitivity, garden and landscape designers create vegetation environments that serve the needs of industrial and recreational as well as residential buildings and complexes among many others.

Garden and Landscape Designers often work out of an office. The rest of the time is spent on location. Competition is often very high for these jobs. However, several vocational school opportunities are also available. Landscape Trade school career options Diploma Online. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology. And, the overall job market remains large and stable with overjobs.

Electrical and electronic engineering technicians help engineers design and develop equipment used in computers, medicine, navigation and many other fields. In addition to product and equipment design, electrical and electronic engineering technicians also test and run diagnostics on electrical and electronic equipment. They also repair equipment. Electrical and Electronic Engineering technicians work very closely with engineers in manufacturing and engineering as well as government settings.

Their work can consist in research and development as well as application. If you love the outdoors and care about maintaining and encouraging the well-being of forests, parks, range lands and other similar areas, a job in conservation and environmental science may be for you. Conservation science and forestry is a stable career choice because of the increasing demand for forest products in balance with environmental concerns.

A wide variety of online programs are available, making environmental science and forestry attainable for most any lifestyle. Boilermakers are some of the highest paid tradesmen and women on this list. Boilermakers assemble, install, maintain and repair boilers as well as closed vats and other large steel containers that trade school career options used to hold liquids and gases. A career as a boilermaker is dangerous and physically demanding.

Working both in factories and on site, boilermakers must often work at great heights in trade school career options and repairing boilers and vats. Great heat often characterizes work environments as well as pressurized liquids and gases. Boilermakers report a higher number of injuries than many other trades. A high school diploma is needed. Often boilermakers learn their trade through apprenticeships, which take on average four to five years to complete and require a certain number of trade school career options on the job.

A background in welding makes a boilermaker candidate more attractive to potential apprenticeship programs. The total number of jobs in the field of aviation technology is not large in comparison to other trades. And, the predicted overall rate of growth in the field is predicted to be not as fast as other trades.

However, air travel, military needs and commerce are mainstays of modern society and economics. Those trained in aviation technology work as aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians.

They repair and maintain aircraft. Trade school career options and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians work in hangars, in repair stations, or on airfields.

Such tradesmen and women often work under a great deal of stress because they often must meet strict deadlines to maintain flight schedules. Aircraft engines and equipment are quite loud so aviation trade school career options and mechanics must be able to work in noisy environments. Many aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians learn their trade at an FAA-approved aviation maintenance technician school.

Some have only a high school education and receive on-the-job training and instruction. Although not a requirement, tradesmen and women in the field of aviation technology often also acquire certification. Trade school career options College of Aeronautics and Technology: Home Inspection is a great career path for people with an eye to detail, a good knowledge of construction and a delight in not being stuck in an office. So, as long as new homes are being constructed and older homes are being bought and sold, need for qualified home inspectors will remain steady.

Home inspection is on site, and conditions in which inspections are performed can vary a great deal, depending upon the age and condition of the home. Home inspection can be physically demanding and require inspectors to climb ladders, enter attics and fit into tight crawl spaces.

A high school diploma trade school career options needed along with a good knowledge of construction.

Vocational training and certification are often required. How this trend will continue long term is difficult to determine. Declines in the field are predicted in the near future.

Drill operators also take samples for further testing in exploration for petroleum products. Rotary Drill Operators work on site. Locations vary from inland to inland bodies of water to offshore. Most drillers work full time and often long hour days without days trade school career options until the project is completed. Drilling is an occupation that reports a higher than average number of injuries, so safety and safety training is a big concern.

Drillers need a high school diploma. Drillers commonly receive on-the-job training as well as formal training through apprenticeships. Vocational or trade school education is uncommon because drillers receive on-the-job training and apprenticeships. A career as an electrician offers great job security and very good top-end wage earning prospects. As buildings require more and more wiring and their components, demand for qualified electricians increases.

Electricians install electrical wiring as well as maintain repair wiring and other electrical components. This can include power needs for communication, lighting and various control systems in homes, businesses, churches, schools, factories and other buildings. Electricians almost always work full time in a variety of settings and buildings.

Their work requires both indoor and outdoor projects. Electricians almost always attend a technical-trade school, and many states require electricians be licensed. Porter and Chester Institute. Everest Colleges and Universities. Plumbers, though seemingly sunk in a drab, draining and dirty job and often the inspiration of jokes, are in truth extremely important, have great job security and are well paid.

Existing buildings need repairs, and, with new construction trade school career options comes the need for the laying of new pipes. Plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters work in every kind of building or structure which trade school career options piping.

They often work full time, but hours can be odd. This is because often a plumber is called upon when there is an emergency. Plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters are reported to have one of the highest injury and illness rates of any occupation or trade, making this field quite hazardous.

Plumbers and the like undergo a great deal of on the job training, and many go to technical-trade school. Most states require plumbers to be licensed. Commercial Divers work below the surface of water. They use scuba gear trade school career options inspect, repair, remove, or install equipment trade school career options structures. Commercial divers use a variety of power trade school career options hand tools, such as drills, sledgehammers, torches, and welding equipment.

They may also conduct tests or experiments, rig explosives, or photograph structures or marine life. Commercial Divers work in scuba gear in aquatic settings and locations that are not natural to the human being, thus coping with work environment is a key factor in determining whether or not to seek training as a commercial diver.

During long periods of underwater activity, divers are required to make continuous trade school career options of arms and legs. Normally a high school diploma, followed by vocational school training in commercial diving, are required for entry level positions.

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Here's why it can pay to attend a trade school: Jobs that provide good incomes are often more easily obtained after training at one. The simple fact is that many of the highest paying trades in America are filled with people who began their careers with a short skills-based education from a vocational or technical college. And the potential benefits don't stop there. Beyond just being among the highest paying, trade jobs are also frequently some of the most satisfying.

After all, they often involve a lot of physical, hands-on work while still being very mentally engaging. Just think back to the joy you felt as a kid when you got to help build, create, or fix something tangible. It probably gave you a real sense of pride, achievement, and confidence. So by pursuing this type of path, you give yourself an opportunity to gain more financial prosperity, as well as true enjoyment while earning it.

Plus, many of the best trade school jobs offer something else: The following trade school jobs list features many occupations for which training programs are often easy to find. However, it doesn't include some of the jobs for which it may be more common to begin training as an apprentice directly with an employer. An example would be a trade such as electrical power line repair since many energy utilities provide their own in-house programs.

Other high-paying examples might include areas like elevator repair, structural ironwork, rail car repair, or telecommunications repair. Even so, many people pursuing those types of careers still find it beneficial to get a pre-apprenticeship education from a trade school before approaching potential employers. So here are some of America's highest paying trade school jobs. The cited wages are from the U.

Bureau of Labor Statistics' May estimates. Some people consider a trade to be any occupation that requires a very specific set of mid- to high-level skills. So by broadening the definition beyond areas like construction , mechanical repair, and industrial work, it quickly becomes apparent that many of the highest paid trade jobs can be found in other sectors such as technology and health care. Plus, like the occupations listed above, the following examples also tend to involve a lot of deeply engaging and often hands-on tasks.

Over recent years, several employer surveys have found that skilled trade jobs are some of the hardest to fill. And in many regions throughout the U.

In fact, in , half of all American tradespeople in the repair and maintenance sector were above the age of In the construction sector, half were over the age of In the manufacturing sector, half were above the age of And in the utilities sector, half were over the age of As a result, employers in many growing industries are actively recruiting the next generation of tradesmen and women. High-tech manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas extraction companies are just a few examples. And you can probably imagine what would happen if America didn't have qualified people in the trades.

Everything that we rely on for our way of life would begin to crumble. From roads and bridges to pipes and electricity, almost our entire modern infrastructure is built, maintained, and repaired by skilled tradespersons.

It's the type of work that cannot simply be outsourced overseas. It must be done locally. That's why a lot of the highest paying trade school careers also have bright outlooks going forward. The market for people with these skills is expected to be very large for decades to come.

Clearly, there are plenty of trade school jobs in demand. And you don't have to choose the highest paying trade to make good money. A whole world of compelling options is available to you. So take a few moments to explore the training possibilities offered in your location.

Simply type in your zip code right now to get started! Find a School Near You: Please enter a valid zip code. Find a Trade School Now! Classroom Type Campus Online Both. Area of Study [Choose an Area of Study]. Program [Choose a Program].