HOWTO: Unpack, Edit, and Re-Pack Boot Images

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Several people have already figured out the details on their own, but I have to565 bin re alternatives requests to do a more comprehensive tutorial on how the boot and recovery images are structured, and how you can edit them.

Note that the order is different for different phones! Check yours to make sure you use the right device. In this tutorial, we will deal with "recovery" and "boot".

Note added by lxrose: These commands don't work if your phone is not rooted and the permissions are not set. The other thing you should do is put your favorite update. You probably want one of the pre-rooted recovery images found elsewhere on the forums. There is also another important file you should know about. This file is automatically flashed onto to565 bin re alternatives every time you shut down. That means two things: When creating your own custom update.

The boot and recovery images are not proper filesystems. Instead, they are a custom android format consisting of a 2k header, followed by a gzipped kernel, followed by a ramdisk, followed by a second stage loader optional, we have not seen these in the wild yet - except on Sanyo Zio. This structure is outlined in mkbootimg. A ramdisk is basically a small filesystem containing the core files needed to initialize the system.

It includes the critical init process, as well to565 bin re alternatives init. If you really want to know more about it, here is the to565 bin re alternatives. Here's a list of files on a typical ramdisk:. If you are good with a hex editor, you can open up any of these images and strip off the first 2k of data. Then, look for a bunch of zeroes followed by the hex 1F 8B which is the magic number of a gzip file. Copy everything from the first line of the file, through the zeroes, and stopping at the 1F 8B.

That is the kernel. To565 bin re alternatives from the 1F 8B through the end is the ramdisk. You could save each of these files separately. In order to see the contents of the ramdisk, you need to un-gzip it and then un-cpio it.

You could use a command like this ideally after creating a new directory and cd'ing into it:. That will place all of the files from the ramdisk in your working directory. You can now edit them. In order to re-create the ramdisk, you need to re-cpio them and re-gzip those files, with a command like the following remember, cpio will include everything in the current working to565 bin re alternatives, so you probably want to remove any other cruft you might have in there:.

The final step is to combine the kernel and your new ramdisk into the full image, using the mkbootimg program which you should download and compile from the git repository:. Now, there's a lot of hassle in pulling apart files in hex editors and remembering all of these commands, so I wrote unpack and repack perl scripts for you.

The script also outputs the kernel command line and board name if specified. Do not use a boot. This image may become corrupted during the read process. Recreate the cpio archive using the mkbootfs binary produced from building the Android source code The cpio utility in OS X does not recognize the newc format, therefore mkbootfs is the best option for OS X users. Recreate the image file using the mkbootimg binary produced from building the Android source code.

If you are flashing a boot image, stick it on your phone via adb a tool included in the Android SDK:. Then, open a shell to your phone via 'adb shell', get root to565 bin re alternatives, and do the following two commands to flash your to565 bin re alternatives boot image:. If your phone starts all the way up, congratulations. If not, you did something wrong and you'll need to boot into recovery mode and apply your update. If you place a file titled initlogo. In order to create this file, you need to create a x to565 bin re alternatives in Photoshop or Gimp and save it as a "raw image" file.

You then need to compress that image with the program to More details on that here. You will see other places on the forums that describe how to create customized update. For example, there is a recent update. If you are creating a custom boot or recovery image, it is typically a good idea to start with the image distributed with to565 bin re alternatives most recent update you have applied flashing an image from an older release could have unintended consequences.

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