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EF Eridanus Million Years Ago Onset of mass transfer some million years ago when the donor object rightbegan losing mass to the compact yet more massive sistema binario 40 dwarf companion left.

At the time of this illustration, the star system appeared much brighter in optical light than it does today. Full Resolution Illustrations Available Here. The observations were made from 7: Additional spectra were obtained to remove atmospheric telluric features from the data. Full paper to be sistema binario 40 in the Astrophysical JournalOctober 20, See preprint of paper here.

Astronomers using the Gemini North and Keck II telescopes have peered inside a violent binary star system to find that one of the interacting stars has lost so much mass to its partner that it has regressed to a strange, inert body resembling no known star type.

Unable to sustain nuclear fusion at its sistema binario 40 and doomed to orbit with its much more energetic white dwarf partner for millions of years, the dead star is essentially a new, indeterminate type of stellar object. There's no true category for an object in such limbo. Howell sistema binario 40 Thomas E. Supporting observations were made with the 2. EF Eri is a type of binary star system known as magnetic cataclysmic variables.

This class of systems may produce many more of these 'dead' objects than scientists have realized, says Harrison, co-author of a paper on the discovery to be published in the October 20 issue of the Astrophysical Journal.

The white dwarf in EF Eri is a compressed, burnt-out remnant of a solar-type star that is now about the same diameter as the Earth, though it still emits copious amounts of visible light. Howell and Harrison observed EF Eri in the infrared because infrared light from the pair is naturally dominated by heat and longer wavelength emissions from the secondary object. The scientific detective work to deduce the components of this binary system was complicated greatly by the cyclotron radiation emitted as free electrons spiral down the powerful magnetic field lines of the white dwarf.

The white dwarf's magnetic field is about 14 million times as powerful as the Sun's. The resulting cyclotron radiation is emitted primarily in the infrared part of the spectrum.

This brightening repeated every orbit, sistema binario 40 thus had to have an origin within the binary," Howell explains. We 'see' this additional infrared component at the phases which occur when the radiation is beamed in our direction, and we do not see it when the beaming points in other directions.

Originally, the secondary object may also have been similar in sistema binario 40 to the Sun, with perhaps percent of a solar mass. During this process, repeated outbursts and novae explosions were very likely. The physics of the process also caused the two objects to spiral sistema binario 40 to each other. Today, the two objects orbit each other at about the same separation as the distance from the Earth to the Moon. The donor object has regressed to a body with a diameter roughly equal to the planet Jupiter.

The combined observing power of the Gemini 8-meter and Keck meter telescopes and their large primary mirrors, which were essential to this research, Howell says, makes it clear that neither spectral features of the donor nor its composition match any known type of brown dwarf or planet. Derek Homeier University of Georgia created a series of computer models sistema binario 40 attempt to replicate the conditions at EF Eri, sistema binario 40 even the best of these do not match perfectly.

The shape of the spectra indicate a very cool object about 1, degrees Kelvin, equivalent to a cool brown dwarfyet they do not have the same detailed shape or key features of brown dwarf spectra. The coolest normal stars very low mass M-type stars are about 2, degrees K, and Jupiter is degrees K.

The sistema binario 40 "hot Jupiter" exoplanets detected indirectly by other astronomers sistema binario 40 their gravitational effect on their parent stars are estimated to be 1, degrees K. There is a small chance that the EF Eri system could have originally consisted of the progenitor of the present-day white dwarf star and some sort of "super-planet" that survived the evolution of the white dwarf to result in the system observed now, but this is considered unlikely.

The national research agencies that form the Gemini Observatory partnership include: Images also available without text upon request. Gemini Illustrations by Jon Lomberg Credit: A close-up view of the EF Eridanus system as it might appear today given that most of the radiation sistema binario 40 by the system is in the infrared part of the specrum and not visible to the human eye. The process by which cyclotron radiation is produced as free electrons spiral sistema binario 40 magnetic field lines generated by the white dwarf companion in the EF Eridanus system.

Radiation from this sistema binario 40 is emitted in the infrared part of the spectrum. Gemini's mission is to advance our knowledge of the Universe by providing the international Gemini Community with forefront access to the entire sky. The Gemini Observatory is an international collaboration with two identical 8-meter telescopes. The telescopes incorporate technologies that allow large, sistema binario 40 thin mirrors, under active sistema binario 40, to collect and focus both visible and infrared radiation from space.

The Gemini Observatory provides sistema binario 40 astronomical communities in five participant countries with state-of-the-art astronomical facilities that allocate observing time in proportion to each country's contribution. In addition to financial support, each country also contributes significant scientific and technical resources.

The national research agencies that form the Gemini partnership include: The NSF also serves as the executive agency for the international partnership. Skip to main content. October 7,xzhang Sitemap Website Chilean Mirror. Peter Michaud Gemini Observatory Phone: Gemini Observatory EF Eridanus Million Years Ago Onset of mass transfer some million years ago when the donor object rightbegan losing mass to the compact yet more massive white dwarf companion left.

Today most of the radiation from the system is emitted in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Where in the Sky? Although only visible in large infrared telescopes today, some million years ago, this system might have been visible as a dim point of light to the naked eye.

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