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Brother Nathanael ChannelBroVids. Should We Bless The Jews? Who Is The True Israel? Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation!

Or Send Your Contribution To: We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem. It was only the capital of all the territory of Israel for a mere years.

Under the Geneva Convention ofof which America is signatory, an occupying force is forbidden to settle its citizens, and nations must press for a negotiated status before affirming legitimacy. Jews want all of Palestine for themselves—by theft, by genocide, by ethnic cleansing—for their Greater Israel agenda. PPS - All mail is forwarded from my prior mailing address in Frisco CO…but please send donations to my new address above.

He duped all of these suckers who voted for him. Dear Bro, one hopes that wiser heads still exist within your State Department and the Donald is steered clear of becoming the 21st century Pontius Pilate. Maybe Recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed can share with him some knowledge, backbone and stamina to enable him to overcome the tentacles of the satanic Zio-nationalists which infect your nation. It will be an uphill struggle. There was virtual peace in the Middle East until the Jews established their colony of Israel at the point of weapons of mass destruction supplied by the wagging dogs.

Recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed dear Brother Nathanael, I love you for telling us all what Jerusalem, where our Lord was crucified, really was then and is now, although in different hands - Sodom and Gomorrah, as indeed was the original Babylon.

The Jewish agenda still proceeds. Trump always appeared as a fake with his ridiculous promises that anyone with sense could see he would never fulfill, especially since his masters would not allow it. Netanyahu entered — long ago. The Soros membership and those of Netanyahu. Putin revealed his penchant for Christianity by bluntly stating that we have lost our Christian roots. Moreover, he warned that a major step by these would-be world rulers would be to legitimize pedophilia.

How ghastly, sordid, evil, Satanic and contrary to the righteousness of the One True God whom many in our countries either do serve while millions only claim to revere.

The Judaism that seeks to control Christianity to the point of extinction is the viper ensnaring Western civilization and its people so as to be embroiled in the putrid mess of licentious decadence of the Jerusalem-Sodom and Gomorrah.

Messianic Jews, even those pretending to have imbibed the tenets of many Christians who know the truth about Israel not being the people of God, but do give themselves away by their use of Yeshua as being the name of Jesus, as well as the Hebrew Roots people. It is to fool the Christian Goyim. This necessitated the passing away of the Old Covenant. God had spoken in this His final action against an idolatrous nation that had crucified the Messiah sent to its people first of all.

The Book of Hebrews should be standard reading and comprehension for every Christian in the West. Within the first century, the Jews recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed set up their opposition camp in Jaffna, north west of Jerusalem, to ensure the continuance of the Jewish people following Judaism.

Their great plan included one of total enmity against Christians, of course really against Christ, by pursuing them at every turn and particularly by literature - Masoretic translations in regard to the Scriptures. It would be a major coup by infiltration and so it has proved to be. The Wolves were among the flock and remain until this day. An eternal victory is assured some time, hopefully that it could be close at hand.

Meanwhile, we must stand against this Jewish offensive by wrestling the supernatural forces in the invisible realm and by proclaiming the truth as to the fact that these people are what Jesus said they were and that Judeo-Christianity is an aberrance of. Their very absorption of such in their cult enslavement to the occult, witchcraft, curses, all manner of evil, lies and deceit, reveals a decided depravity of min, should and body. At the same time, heed should be taken to the fact that they have so encroached on recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed former Christian bases as to gain many strongholds among our people that one wonders if their stranglehold will tighten - to the possible extinction of Christian living, real churches and the gospel message.

As you said, the Geneva Conventions, of which the US is a signatory, forbid an occupying power from settling its citizens on the land of the occupied nation. This is where Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom Trump admires so much, should warn The Donald not to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem - in which the eastern half has been set aside as the capital of a Palestinian state - but to keep it where it is - in Tel Aviv.

Putin should also advise Trump to disavow any ties he may have made with the evil Bibi Boo-Boo. In other words, Br. Nat, he pledged to drain the swamp of Trotskyites aka neocons, who want him to put Israel first instead of the US. Nat, to send you a donation as soon as I was able; however, something happened with regard to one of my debit cards.

All I have to do is contact my bank and have the block removed. This will, of course, need a change in password. They hide behind religion holding it hostage like true terrorists!

As long as evil Jewry is causing pain the Jew-worm sadists are happy! Or, to add all of the previous statements up—a healthy society, not a toxic degenerate one like Zionist central Bankster and Jew Hollywood twisted America. They just came out with a Video supporting Israel as part of their policy and are postintg Videos encouraging Young Americans to join the Marines probably, as Bro Nat says, to die for Israel.

I supported them for decades because of the way they took on rich Jews like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, but this last policy change they have made now renders them worthless. The truths laid down by you, Br. The vast majority of Western populations are indifferent recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed the recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed and truthful words immortally laid down at RJN. He spoke with Michael Voris for nearly 90 minutes, and asked wideranging questions touching on Catholic identity, the Establishment Church, social justice, salvation, politics and many other topics.

The New York Times sent a photographer during Christmas week to our studio to follow up with photos. A week after Stephen K. Bannon helped engineer the populist revolt that led to Donald J. In his presentation, Mr. Bannon, then the head of the hard-right website Breitbart News and now Mr. Moreover, they would have noticed that Mr. Thank you for pointing out the NRA fiasco.

I had stopped donating a year ago but this is the nail in the coffin. Ollie is still a hero thanks to the media esp FNC types even though he violated two major laws by supplying terrorists in Central America but also selling weapons to Iran.

With businesses successful in the spy business. They already have business in the US. We are at a point in Jewmerican history where the common knowledge of the past and perspectives of today are entirely formed by the Jewish History channel, Jewish Discovery channel, Jewish wikipedia and for the real researchers of our society, the Jewish Snopes.

A search for that title comes up with a Duff article worshiping Hillary Clinton - as Duff always did. Much like he always worshiped Obama. Duff is a border-line psychopath.

Israeli embassy diplomat caught on camera about to destroy the reputation of a Conservative MP, because he spoke out against Jewish settlements on the West Bank!

I also noticed that Homeland security side stepped the proof of Russian hacking by informing Mr. Trump that it was British intelligence that tipped them off about the incident? So, reading between the lines are they saying that they had no proof of their own?

I hardly disagree with you except on this issue…I believe in the 2 state solution and last one. Blame someone else, no one is prosecuted, and all are denied justice. I am very suspicious about this and rather liked the fact that former NRA board member, Ted Nugent, called the Jew Boys out, but now it looks suspiciously like somebody in the NRA took the money.

They have always contented themselves with American affairs unless Groups like the UN have tried to interfere with US law. An apology to their members would be in order. And then we will see if the Arab Muslims are for real, or just the agents of murder with their Zionist partners. I have added a new image of Brother Nathanael for sale, thanks to the inspiration of The English Man.

Holding the Cross http: I am always amazed at the lack of understanding of Biblical history, not to mention politics displayed by these sycophants. Douglas Reed should be required reading for all of them.

How is that, exactly? And Trump is using his sharp elbows against anyone who brings up the rules and boundaries of nepotism laws and customs by naming Jared Kushner as his White House Court Recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed, err, correction, senior adviser.

Oh, happy day, We the Taxpayers are going to be paying for glatt kosher, and I suppose a Jewish White House chef and kitchen staff, with some Shabbos goyim for the Jewish Sabbath. Netanyahu, the Likudniks, Chabad Lubavitch, the vicious Israeli Settlers, and the rest of the ultra-religious right like the gopher-toothed Napthali Bennett will be occupying the White House now through their highly likely Court Jew.

It has been expected for weeks. Now, Trump transition officials confirm that Jared Kushner, Mr. The rumored post has focused attention on Mr. People close to recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed warned that Mr. An announcement could come as early as Tuesday. Whichever site it was, it also had a string of articles re suicides by NY Hassidic escapees!

It was terribly sad. It said 26 suicides in the past year alone! I know Wordpress software can automatically generate tweets to match posted articles, but not sure re other software.

And, everyone will kiss and make up, and the Clintons will all be creeping through the White House as good friends of Trump. It might seem odd for a Modern Orthodox Jewish family to join a Chabad synagogue. But Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Recensione broker fairy tail 2014 episode 90 english subbed are already quite invested in the ultra-Orthodox outreach movement — or to be more precise, their parents are.

A Haaretz examination has revealed that Charles and Seryl Kushner have been major benefactors of Chabad over the years.

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