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Quick jump to rabinovich ketting content. Home Archives Vol 6 No 2 Published Dec 31, Downloads Download data is not yet available. Vol 6 No 2 Pimpicha Patmasiriwat, Mahidol University Fac. Medical Technology, Mahidol Univ. References Rabinovich ketting Adhikary, S. Transcriptional regulation and transformation by Mycproteins. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 6: Cyclin D1 protein is overexpressed in hyperplasia and intraductal carcinoma of the breast.

Clin Cancer Res 4: The functions of animal microRNAs. A novel anti-apoptosis gene, survivin, expressed in rabinovich ketting and lymphoma. AIB1, a steroid receptor coactivator amplified in breast and rabinovich ketting cancer. Human microRNA genes are frequently located at fragile sites and genomic regions involved in cancers. Localization and characterization of ST7 in Cancer. J Cancer Res Rabinovich ketting Oncol Estrogen receptor and cell proliferation in breast cancer.

Possible role for vitamin D in controlling breast cancer cell proliferation. Molecular biology of lymphoma. Rabinovich ketting and processing of human microRNA precursors. Inhibition of Wnt signaling by cucurbitacin B in breast cancer cells: J Cell Biochem Processing of primary microRNAs by the microprocessor complex. Activation of stat3 in primary tumors from high-risk breast cancer patients is associated with elevated levels of activated SRC and survivin expression.

Clin Cancer Res Sequence requirements for estrogen receptor binding to estrogen rabinovich ketting elements. J Biol Chem Antiproliferative effects of cucurbitacin B in breast cancer cells: Int J Mol Sci Estrogen and estrogen receptor antagonists stimulate transcription from the human retinoic acid receptor-alpha 1 promoter via a novel sequence. Oestrogen receptors — an overview. J Int Med BRCA1 inhibition of estrogen receptor signaling in transfected cells.

Survivin, a cancer target with an emerging role in normal adults tissues. Mol Cancer Ther 5: Telomerase rabinovich ketting transcriptase gene is a direct target of c-Myc but is not functionally equivalent in cellular transformation.

The microprocessor complex mediates the genesis of microRNAs. Hormone-dependent regulation of BRCA1 in human breast cancer cells. Vitamin D Receptor gene polymorphisms and breast cancer risk. Estrogen receptor rabinovich ketting associated protein: Seocalcitol EB A vitamin D analogue of anti cancerpotential. Background, design, synthesis, pre-clinic and clinical evaluation.

Curr Pharm Design 6: Epidermal rabinovich ketting factor receptors rabinovich ketting intracranial and breast rabinovich ketting Br J Cancer Mol Cell Biol Molecular genetics of breast cancer progression. Semin Cancer Biol 9: MicroRNA gene expression deregulation in human breast rabinovich ketting. Quantitative analysis of chromosomal CGH in rabinovich ketting breast tumors associated copy number abnormalities with p53 status and patient survival.

Overview of the nuclear receptor family. London Academic Press pp. Overexpression of cyclin Rabinovich ketting messenger RNA predicts for poor prognosis in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. Clin Cancer Res 5: Extracellular, cell permeable survivin inhibits apoptosis while promoting proliferative and metastatic potential.

Control of apoptosis and mitotic spindle checkpoint by survivin. Endocr Relat Cancer 7: Its roles in cyclin D1 expression and cancer progresssion. MicroRNA expression profiles rabinovich ketting human cancers. Nuclear export of microRNA precursors. E2F1 and c-Myc in cell growth anddeath. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol Reduced accumulation of specific microRNAs in colorectal neoplasia.

Mol Cancer Res 1: A novel anti-apoptosis gene: Re-expression of survivin messenger RNA as a prognosis marker in non-small-cell lung cancers. J Clin Oncol Single-step induction of mammary adenocarinoma in transgenic mice bearing the activated c-neu oncogene. Positive and negative regulations of human platelet-activating factor receptor transcript 2 tissue-type by estrogen and TGF-beta 1.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun Molecular genetics of cancers Part I. Rabinovich ketting Med J Molecular genetics of cancers Part II: The many faces of c-MYC. Arch Biochem Biophys The cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors in hormonal regulation of proliferation and differentiation.

Regulatory elements in the immunoglobulin kappa locus induce c-myc rabinovich ketting and the promoter shift in Burkitt's lymphoma cells. BRCA1 modulates malignant cell behavior, the expression of survivin and chemosensitivity in human rabinovich ketting cancer cells.

Int J Cancer Am J Clin Pathol Structural, functional and therapeutic biology of survivin. The transcriptional activation function located in the hormone-binding domain of the human rabinovich ketting receptor is not encoded in a single exon.

Breast Cancer Res Cyclin D1 gene amplification and overexpression are present in ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast. Estrogen induces c-mycgene expression via an rabinovich ketting enhancer activated by the estrogen receptor and the AP-1 transcription factor.

The retinoblastoma protein and cell rabinovich ketting control. Thai J Genet 5:

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