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Your professor may ask you to use scholarly, peer reviewed, or refereed journals in your research paper, and you are not certain about how to find them. Below option traders journals some characteristics for identifying the three types of periodical literature: Ask a librarian for help if you are unsure how to categorize a particular title. Please note that not all of the criteria will apply to periodicals in each category.

For information on how to find articles, go to the guide on how to Find Articles. In-depth research articles, often peer-reviewed; usually includes an abstract; may be brief news of developments in the field or recent research, academic book reviews.

Brief, nontechnical, current events, news; quick facts; short interviews, brief book reviews, ads. Clearly defined; experts with significant knowledge in the subject area, scholars, and researchers. Once you understand what a scholarly or professional journal is, where should you search for it?

You can find some full text scholarly journals on the public access Web. However, since using option traders journals Web search engine can produce many thousands of results that need to be evaluated or may only be available to you for a fee, it is better first to try a search in the library databases.

Some databases offer two main options option traders journals limiting your search to scholarly journals:. This example of a search in Academic Search Premier is typical of searches in databases that offer both options. A basic search, using the search statement: In databases that allow the second option, you may want to wait to limit your search to scholarly journals until you retrieve the result list, which will be divided into the different types of resources.

The same search as above yields the following results when you do not limit your search in the beginning:. While you retrieve more results with this search here vs. You may want some popular magazine articles to provide the most up-to-date information on your topic. What if you have evaluated an article as scholarly, but you want to be absolutely certain before you use it. After you click on submit, you will retrieve a screen like the following: The icon of the option traders journals shirt indicates that the journal is peer-reviewed.

If the icon is not present, the journal is not peer-reviewed. Discrepancies between database descriptions and Ulrich's results option traders journals vary. Please Ask a Librarian if you have any questions. E-Mail Usopt. Tell us how we're doing. Student Login Faculty Login. Some databases offer two main options for limiting your search to scholarly journals: You can limit your search on the basic search screen You can select a link or tab to scholarly articles after you conduct your basic search not all the databases allow this option traders journals This example of a search in Academic Search Premier is typical of searches in databases that offer both options.

The same search as above option traders journals the following results when you do not limit your search in the beginning: Top Using Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory to Identify Scholarly Journals What if you have evaluated an article as scholarly, but you option traders journals to be absolutely certain before you use it. If prompted, log in with your UMUC credentials.

The initial search screen will look like this: To provide information about, report, or present original research or experiments. To provide general information to, entertain, or persuade the general public. To provide news or information to practitioners in an industry or trade.

Professors, researchers, and students, members of association; other professionals in the field. Intended for those with an interest in a specific industry or trade. Formal or semiformal; scholarly language; may use technical or specialized language. Footnotes or endnotes; bibliography; suggested resources for more information.

Suggested resources for more information, sometimes a brief bibliography. May include tables, option traders journals, charts, or equations to support the research.

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