iPhone 3GS has no Wifi option

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That's why Apple currently has 3 iPhone models on the market, with 3 different levels of specs, and at 3 price points. Over the lifetime of a contract, you'll be paying a couple thousand dollars, so it's important to run the math on this and see what suits you best. Let's do no option for iphone 3gs now.

For the last few years, when Apple's introduced a new iPhone, they've kept the previous year's model no option for iphone 3gs, with reduced storage, and at a reduced price point.

This year, they've kept the last two years' models around, and they've reduced the price point of the oldest one to zero. It's still a good phone, especially compared to the typical candybar or flip feature phones dumb phones that typically come free with carrier contracts. What it doesn't have is a crystal clear, pixel-free Retina displaya front-facing camera for FaceTime video calls, the ability to shoot HD video, and the premium build and power of the higher end models. If you literally have no money in your pocket walking in and really want an iPhone, if you're shopping for a teen and don't want to risk a higher end phone, if you're brand new and just dipping your toes into the smartphone market and don't want to dip too deeply, iPhone 3GS can be a good starter smartphone.

Externally, it's almost identical to the new iPhone 4S, so much so that almost no one will be able to tell which one you have at a glance.

It has the same Retina display and front-facing FaceTime camera for video calls, along with a snappy Apple No option for iphone 3gs processor and a good quality, 5 megapixel no option for iphone 3gs capable of shooting p HD video. It also runs almost everything iOS 5 has to offer. What iPhone 4 doesn't have is the 2x faster, 7x more graphically powerful Apple A5 processor, the great 8 megapixel, p camera, or the artificially intelligent No option for iphone 3gs voice control system of its newer, better brother.

Also, 8GB of storage may not get you very far with a device this good at gaming, media, photos, no option for iphone 3gs video.

With the new software update, it's still a great iPhone. It's just not the best iPhone any more. It has everything the previous generations had to offer and more. The new Apple A5 processor gives it 2x the speed and 7x the graphics power of the iPhone 4. The new camera gives it 8 megapixel photos with more light sensitivity and better sharpness, and p video. The new Siri voice control system provides a natural language interface so you can literally talk with your iPhone, ask it to do things for you, and it will answer back and do them.

If you know you want a top of the line iPhone, with every feature and function Apple provides, then you want an iPhone 4S. If you're not sure which iPhone 4S you want, or on which carrier, no option for iphone 3gs in which color, then fret not, we've got you covered.

If you're still not sure, hit up our iPhone Forums to get the help you need to make up your mind. Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Apple offers iPhone 4S at three price points depending on the amount of storage: Which iPhone 4S capacity should you get?

Which iPhone 4S should you choose? Which iPhone 4S color should you choose? Log in or Sign up.

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Specific details are likely out of date. Worth it or not? Queues outside my local O2 store this morning were a fraction of those last July when the 3G was released. Setup was ludicrously simple affair, insert old SIM, activate in iTunes and then restore from previous back up I had no problems restoring from my 3G backup. Within about 5 minutes all my settings, email accounts, text messages etc were transferred. It was then just a matter of synch-ing my apps to get them all over onto the new phone.

So, after a few hours, here are my initial impressions:. Everything is snappier from contacts to launching email and apps. Safari web browsing is infinitely faster, not loading the pages, as obviously that is connection dependent but navigating the page, zooming in and out etc is instant and effectively faultless now. For users who surf the net a lot on their iPhone, this is likely to be big selling point.

You soon get used to this though so if it was just the speed increase in this new iteration, it would be hard to recommend upgrading to all but a select few. Camera The camera is a considerable improvement.

The picture quality is far better than the 3G. This was the one feature of the N95 I have missed since using an iPhone as my primary handset. The sound quality deserves special mention. It really is superb. That said, iPhone 3GS video is only x resolution 30 frames per second although early reports suggest the iPhone 3GS uses a Samsung branded system-on-a-chip SoC featuring a multi-format codec with untapped HD video playback and capture capabilities.

However, even with a lower resolution than a Flip or similar , coupled with the built in editing capability the iPhone 3GS arguably eliminates the need for any other portable video camera for impromptu recording. This feature alone is going to make it worthwhile for me. Being able to dial in the car this way is a major bonus. I just hope everyone finds the voice recognition as accurate. Digital Compass This, when coupled with Google Maps, is a revelation. What looks like a torch beam appears and as you turn the map orientates with you.

Screen coating The 3GS enjoys a new screen coating, aimed to minimise finger prints on the touch screen. The headphones that shipped with the iPhone 3G had a button built in that let you click once for pause, twice to skip a track or three times to skip back a track.

That functionality remains but the iPhone 3GS headphones also include a volume up and down button so you no longer have to reach in your pocket when you want to adjust the volume. A minor change but a welcome one. Battery Watch this space, not been using it long enough yet to establish the difference. Yes, even at this early stage I believe so. The features that have been added, along with OS 3. Ben Frain Developer, Author: Augmented reality — possible with the iPhone 3GS.