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Buyers may either pick up their items at the designated auction site personally or can arrange for fsem30 options trading third party logistics firm to manage the removal process for them.

If someone other fsem30 options trading the registered buyer at the sale is designated to pick up those purchased assets, the buyer must: We offer this service to you without representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever.

The Branford Group is not affiliated with any machinery rigging, transport or export company. We provide the names and contact information of available companies solely as a courtesy to our buyers. The Branford Group does not endorse or guarantee the services of any machinery rigging, transport or export company, and cannot be held responsible for any damage, omission or other problems incurred as a result of the actions of those companies.

Fsem30 options trading are encouraged to utilize a fsem30 options trading provider fsem30 options trading their choice, provided they supply The Branford Group with the required forms and insurance certificates. The Terms apply to all Transactions, including without limitation, public auctions conducted by TBG and direct purchases by Buyer of any item either before, after or independent of any public auction.

Neither TBG nor the consignor makes any warranties or representations of any kind or nature with respect to the property or it's value, and in no event shall they be responsible for correctness of description, genuineness, attribution, provenance, authenticity, authorship, completeness, condition of the property or estimate fsem30 options trading it's value.

No statement oral or written in the catalog, at the auction, or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty or representation, or any assumption of responsibility. Prospective bidders are urged to contact TBG directly for detailed information regarding any lot. Buyers must register prior to bidding at any auction sale. All bidders must provide their name, company if applicablemailing address and phone number prior to the auction.

When applicable, Electronic bidders are required to provide a valid email address and Visa or Mastercard number. At its discretion, TBG may charge a registration fee for Electronic bidding. This fee will be clearly displayed during the registration process. See section 9 "Default" below. This can fsem30 options trading in the form of cash, a cashiers check, or business check with a bank letter of guarantee.

For Electronic bidders, at its discretion, TBG may contact bidders via email or telephone before or during the sale to provide a bank letter of guarantee or wire transfer as a deposit. If TBG does not receive a response from its attempts to contact Buyer or if the Buyer does not provide a deposit, TBG reserves the right to refuse or cancel Buyer's bids and re-sell Goods. Winning bidders can request a printed paper invoice from the Accounting Manager at the sale location during or after the sale.

Electronic bidders will be sent an electronic invoice to the fsem30 options trading address provided during registration. Invoices can be faxed upon request. Detailed payment instructions for each sale are available in the printed lot catalog at the sale location on the day of the sale. Electronic bidders will be sent detailed payment instructions via email along with their invoice. TBG must receive the balance of the total purchase price no later than the close of business on the day following the auction the "Final Payment Date".

All payments must be in cash, cashier's or certified fsem30 options trading, federal wire transfer of immediately available funds or a corporate check accompanied with a bank letter of guarantee, and all of the foregoing must be in form, scope and substance acceptable to TBG.

Credit Cards are accepted for payment, electronic bidding registration and for Liquidated Damages in the event of a default. Without limiting TBG's discretion, no corporate checks without a bank guarantee and no personal checks will be accepted. No title shall pass to Buyer until the total purchase price and all Taxes have been paid to TBG in collected funds.

Buyer must also pay to TBG on or before the Final Payment Date, all sales, export, use and other taxes due to any federal, state or local taxing authority the "Taxes" as a result of Buyer's purchase, including without limitation, any taxes arising from any Buyer's Premium as defined below.

The Buyer's Premium is a percentage that is added to the final purchase price of any item. TBG shall charge and collect from each successful bidder a buyer's premium for each sale at the auction, in addition to the purchase price as bid. Any Goods not removed on or before the Removal Date shall be subject to storage charges that TBG may in its discretion impose.

Buyer shall be responsible for the safe and proper removal of any Goods purchased by Buyer. TBG does not pack, ship, store, crate or rig items. Buyers may either pick up Goods at the designated auction site personally or can contract with a third party agent to manage the removal process for them. Goods weighing more than pounds must be removed by a qualified, insured rigger. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Buyer shall restore and repair all real and personal property that is altered or damaged as a result of Buyer's removal of the Goods.

TBG shall have no responsibility to disconnect utilities to the sold asset, including electric, gas, waste and water lines. Buyer is solely responsibility to properly remove and store in appropriate containers all fluids, oils, hazardous chemicals, etc.

Buyer does hereby indemnify TBG, the owner of the Goods and the owner of the premises in which the Goods are located, from any and all claims, damages, and losses arising from Buyer's actions or actions with respect to the Goods and Buyer's presence on the premises in which the Goods are located, including without limitation, injuries to persons fsem30 options trading property and environmental violations or contamination.

TBG shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any missing or lost items that can be removed by hand if such items have not been removed within forty-eight 48 hours of the conclusion of the sale. There will be NO removal of any lots until the auction is complete. Bidders must bid only on those items they are prepared to pay for and remove in accordance with the terms and conditions of this sale.

All items awarded to high bidders are contractually theirs and must be paid for by the Final Payment Date and removed by the Final Removal Date. TBG will re-market and re-sell this property. Failure to pay invoices in full by the Final Payment Date in accordance with payment terms will subject Bidder to pay as Liquidated Damages a sum equal to fsem30 options trading lesser of 1 20 percent of the invoice price of the item s as to which the default has occurred, or 2 the full amount of the difference between the original invoice price and the re-sold price fsem30 options trading any expenses incurred to re-market or re-sell these items.

Failure to remove items by fsem30 options trading Final Removal Date in accordance with removal terms will subject Bidder to pay as Liquidated Damages the full amount of the expenses incurred to store or transport items until they are re-sold. After Buyer has removed any item from TBG'S possession, TBG shall have no obligation to make any adjustment or accommodation to Buyer because of any mistake in quantity or other defect or problem with respect to such item.

Buyer must make all requests for adjustments in writing to TBG before any item is removed from the premises where the auction is conducted. Without limiting the foregoing, Fsem30 options trading shall not be responsible for damages or losses caused by strikes, civil disorders, or acts of God. Minimum or Reserve Prices. TBG, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to establish a reserve or minimum price fsem30 options trading any Goods without having to announce, post or publish notice to attendees and buyers at any auction.

TBG reserves the right to confirm or reject the final bid. TBG will bid up to the specified maximum bid fsem30 options trading to win the item, using only the amount needed to win the item. TBG has complete discretion whether and when to accept Proxy bids. The auctioneer's announcements at the time the lot is sold take precedence on any and all published materials.

Proxy bidders fsem30 options trading be notified only if they have been declared the high bid. Notification will take place in the form of an electronic invoice which will be sent to the email fsem30 options trading provided during registration. TBG, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse the bid of any person without providing any notice or reason therefore. TBG, in its sole discretion, shall control all bidding increments and advances at fsem30 options trading auction.

The Branford Group reserves the right to reject any bid that is only a minimal increase over the preceding bid, that is not commensurate with the value of the item being offered or that The Branford Group believes was made illegally or in bad faith.

In the event of a dispute among bidders, The Branford Group may, in its sole discretion, either accept what it deems to be the final fsem30 options trading or solicit further bids on the item in dispute.

No returns or refunds will be fsem30 options trading, unless authorized by the seller in writing. TBG reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to sell items advertised as a public auction sale, on a piece by piece basis or as a complete lot. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, TBG may accept a complete lot bid and then conduct an item by item auction which auction shall be effective only if the total proceeds there from exceed the amount of the complete bid.

All information provided by TBG to Buyers, including without limitation, any advertising, lot sales catalogs or otherwise, is subject to deletions, errors, additions, and changes without notice.

Although information is gathered from sources thought to be reliable, TBG shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any information provided to any attendee or buyers. All buyers shall rely solely on their own investigation and inspection of any Goods.

The auctioneer may add other terms and conditions of sale, such additional terms and conditions to be announced prior to the auction. Fsem30 options trading headings contained herein are for convenience only and shall not limit or alter the Terms hereof. Buyers agree to comply with all US export control and related laws, and acknowledge that TBG is not the exporter of any purchased item.

Certain items offered for sale at the auction may constitute "Restricted Technology. TBG makes no representation or warranty concerning, and has conducted no investigation to ascertain which items, if any, constitute Restricted Technology. Buyers acknowledge that an auction site is a potentially dangerous place, Flammable, noxious, fsem30 options trading and pressurized substances may be present.

Heavy equipment may be operated and electrical circuits may be live. Every fsem30 options trading enters the auction site at his or her own risk with notice of the condition fsem30 options trading the premises and the activities that will be or have been conducted on the premises. No person shall have any claim against TBG, the seller or their respective agents for any injuries sustained or for damages to or loss of property that may occur at the auction site.

If the Buyer fails to comply with any of the Terms, TBG shall have all rights and remedies available to it at law and in equity. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, TBG may fsem30 options trading all deposits and partial payments received from Buyer and may resell any Goods that Buyer fails to purchase. Buyer shall be responsible fsem30 options trading all costs, losses, and damages suffered by TBG i as a result of Buyer's breach of any of the Fsem30 options trading, including without limitation, fsem30 options trading profits and consequential damages, and ii incurred in connection with the enforcement of TBGS' fsem30 options trading, including, without limitation, legal fees and costs and expenses related to the resale of Goods, including storage and rigging fees.

Sign up for our Auction Alerts Email Newsletter and be the first to know! Sales Tax at equipment location is 6. Please fax to If seeking a refund for interstate commerce the Sales tax must be paid and will be reimbursed upon receipt of required documentation bill of lading showing goods left CT. We must be notified ahead of time if you will be supplying this to us to avoid refund delays.

Removal by Friday Dec 20th, no exceptions Please contact Don Maynard donmaynard hotmail. Gary Feller ct gonavis. TBG is not the Shipper. Please call Don Maynard donmaynard hotmail. Form Credit Fsem30 options trading Auth. Form Rigger Certificate Form. Lot Catalog Photo Gallery Help. Single Lot Online Auction:

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One generator can feed two test ports simultaneously. Network analyzer plus options for spectrum analysis and absolute power measurements in one extremely light, compact, instrument with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz. Specifications The price of a low cost instrument, the features and perfor.

The Agilent ES vector network analyzer allows complete characterization of RF and microwave components. Its various options offer a. Antenna, Amplifying Module, C.

I just sell this eqipment as the picture is shown. I only plugged on the power. The power is on as you can see by the picture. You can refer the shape of this item by the pictures that I posted. Compact, lightweight and extremely fast? Suitable for service, production and development? Automated regression and stress testing of DUT. That model is recommended for use in the large proffesional access networks. Please let me know your target price if you are interested.

The A Vector Impedance Meter measures impedance magnitude from 10 mohms to kohms and phase from The A Vector Impedance Meter measures impedance magnitude from 10 mohms to kohms and phase from Digital read-out Measurement curve and data can be printed at the same time through jet printer. Multi-functional vector analyzer Port: Network Analyzer Brand Name: Impedance Analyzers A Vector The A Vector Impedance Meter measures impedance magnitude from 10 mohms to kohms and phase from The A Vector Impedance Meter measures impedance magnitude from 10 mohms to kohms and phase from Network Power Analyzer Model Number: Supplier - Eltrix Engineering Pvt.

Customized Sourcing Click here immediately to post your buying lead for suppliers to contact you directly. You may also be interested in: China network analyzer China Vector.