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Once you select the Trader you wish to add to your portfolio, you will have to set up your preferences for each added Trader as to the number of positions you wish the particular Trader to open in your account and the amount traded per position.

You can of course change these settings anytime from your account. Please also make sure that the specified amount is offered by your Broker for all supported Binary Options Types. Example: Lets assume you have selected two Traders in your portfolio, Trader X and Trader Z.

If Amount is set to 100 for Trader X and 200 for Trader Z, this means that you the amount invested for each position Trader X will open in your account (irrespective of the amount the Trader risks in his own account) is 100 while the amount invested for each position Trader Z opens will be 200, again, irrespective of the amount traded by the Trader himself.