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This post explains how to add a new slave to the existing MySQL replication. New slave server can be added to the MySQL replication without stopping master or shutting down existing slave server. You will have to temporarily stop replication on the slave server in order to take the current data snapshot. On the other hand, if you need to set up a new MySQL replication, please read dev. Stop replication on the existing slave Edit com_binlog_dump clone a new slave server, it is necessary to temporary stop replication on the existing slave.

Because you will have to take a data snapshot. Connect to the slave using MySQL client and run the following command:. Existing slave is only paused and every change from the edit com_binlog_dump will wait until you start replication with slave start command. Slave server will normally execute SQL requests and if your data edit com_binlog_dump are not so frequent, no one will notice that something is happening in the background.

With show slave status you will see edit com_binlog_dump status report before and after slave is edit com_binlog_dump. Export databases from the existing edit com_binlog_dump After existing slave is paused, you can take a data snapshot. With mysqldumpdatabase or edit com_binlog_dump collection of databases can be exported to the file. Before running mysqldumpbe sure you have enough disk space. These status files are named relay-log.

Start replication on the existing slave Data snapshot, relay-log. Now you can start replication on the existing slave. New slave server can wait because it will retrieve changes from the point written in its relay-log. To import data to the MySQL database, use mysql client. After data import is finished, stop edit com_binlog_dump because you edit com_binlog_dump need to change relay-log.

I will just mention that you can run data import from the existing slave directly - without coping first, but you will have to grant access from the existing slave server. The only difference is a -h switch. The new slave server will have a new name and that change should be included.

If you get the following errors after starting the new slave server:. Add grant on the master server Each slave must connect to the master using a standard MySQL user name and password, so there must be a user account on the master that the slave can use to connect. In this scenario with existing slave, user for replication already exist on the master server. You will only have to set additional grant. Let's assume that user name for replication is replica:.

With this grant, replica user could only request updates that have been made to databases on the master server - nothing more. For each edit com_binlog_dump, you should pick a unique edit com_binlog_dump integer, and each ID must be different from every other ID.

This will precisely locate the problem. Mahi — I am glad that your problem has been successfully resolved. Thanks for posting back to let edit com_binlog_dump know. In my company we are using one master server and several slaves all slave servers are connected to the master.

Daisy chain replication is also possible. In this case inner nodes are slave and master at the same time it needed to enable binloging on slave that also acts as master server. Hope this will be useful info — thanks for idea.

It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please edit com_binlog_dump this code along with your comment: Ashqar Mahi — Please see: Add grant on the master server and edit com_binlog_dump grants are added maybe you need to flush privileges also: Thanks for your support sorry for late response.

This guide was extremely helpful. A concise set of steps from start to finish.

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