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In finance, a single-stock future SSF is a type of futures contract between two parties to exchange a specified number of stocks in a company for a price agreed today the futures price or the strike price with delivery occurring at a specified future date, the delivery date. The contracts are traded on a futures exchange.

The party agreeing to take delivery of the underlying stock in the future, the "buyer" of the contract, is said to be "long", and the party agreeing to deliver the stock in the future, the "seller" of the contract, is said to be "short". The terminology reflects the expectations of the parties - the buyer hopes or expects that the stock price is going to increase, while the seller hopes or expects that it will decrease. When purchased, no transmission of share rights or dividends occurs.

Being futures contracts they are traded on broker commodity future trading in india pdf, thus offering leverage, and they are not subject to the short selling limitations that stocks are subjected to. They are traded in various financial markets, including those of the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, India and others.

South Africa currently hosts the largest single-stock futures market in the world, trading on averagecontracts daily. In the United States, they were disallowed from any exchange listing in the s because the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the U.

Securities and Exchange Commission were unable to decide which would have the regulatory authority over these products. After the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of became broker commodity future trading in india pdf, the two agencies eventually agreed on a jurisdiction-sharing plan and SSF's began trading on November 8, Two new exchanges initially offered security futures products, including single-stock futures, although one of these exchanges has since closed.

Inthe brokerage firm Interactive Brokers made an equity investment in OneChicago and is now a part-owner of the exchange. Single stock futures values are priced by the market in accordance with the standard theoretical pricing model for forward and futures contracts, which is:. Note the value of r will be slightly different in the two equations. The value of a futures contract is zero at the moment it is established, but broker commodity future trading in india pdf thereafter until time T, at which point its value equals S T - F ti.

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Then investors can close the long positions at this moment. Next, in Figure 1(b), we give another example, CU on Feb 1st, to show how to deal with the situation on the other side of the market.

The price falls below A down level and stay below it for 10 minutes at 11:24.