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So wtf is the point of your post Annabobanafefifofoanna Anna!? Its retarded if you are going to post at least post where it makes some sense maybe? You know i cant believe how these brokers have become so self entitled to scam people, that you would argue and post here.

So basically your saying if people sign up with a 20x turn over fuck them they did it we got them. Nice just shows how self entitled you have all become. You all have lost all sense of what is right and wrong and are the reason binary options in the long run will fail. Thank category best binary options strategy ever so much binary options no deposit bonus november 2015 sample papers your response Lotzofbotz, excuse my ignorance, but how do I claim a chargeback.

I have contacted BigOption, they claim I did not make the payment to them, after they phone me to tell me they received the payment? I was told to contact the person I made payment to, I then contacted the only other person on the site which is Millionaire blueprint and they told me I need to contact the broker who binary options no deposit bonus november 2015 sample papers BigOption?

I am so lost. Tue Apr 3 Tokyo: January edited January in Beginners Questions. I had a conversation with a friend the other day that interested me.

I am not a big fan of the bonus structure, but his success do give me some inspirations. If you are aware, deposit bonuses are a common feature of binary options brokers today. The brokers use them as an attraction to get new trader to open and fund accounts and they work. There are several reasons why you need deposit bonus and how can you employ it to process the withdrawal. Trade Minimums - Every bonus comes with a trade minimum.

Trade minimum is the dollar amount you must reach before the bonus money can be withdrawn from your account. It usually comes with a time limit.

Adding bonus can provide binary options no deposit bonus november 2015 sample papers positions for traders to reach the trade minimum. Some brokers offer as low as 40 times and some as high as times the bonus. Traders needs to specify the bonus and trade minimum before step into any trading. Some bonuses may be bigger than another and the trade minimum varies.

Pick the broker with more bonus and lower trade minimum can help you optimize your trading. Some brokers, the shadier one, will not let you withdraw any money until you meet the minimum trade limit. Other brokers allow you to withdrawal money with bonus deducted from your account. My friend told me that to make full use of the offer is a short cut. By enlarging your positions you are increasing your chance of reaching the trade minimums. Hedging Strategy - Binary options no deposit bonus november 2015 sample papers benefit of binary options different from other trading is that there are only two options, call or put.

When you are uncertain about the market movement, hedging strategy should push you higher at turnover. You may earn or lose a small amount of money, but it ends up completing a considerable trading volume. More trading strategies are up there for you to discover and boost your trading power. Bonuses are often applied to your account after you contact their customer service and apply for it.

In order to opt out you, the trader, are responsible for contacting their account representatives to specify the terms and conditions. Be sure to manage your trading power based on the terms and conditions before accepting them. They are primarily designed for the mentally handicapped not real traders. Bonuses can be tricky, they could only be used if the proper terms and conditions are known otherwise it will be difficult to return.

Newbie traders are not capable enough to manage the bonus as it comes with considerable turnover required, and most brokers hide the terms and conditions for withdrawal. While there are some brokers that provide cashback from turnover that having no effect on your withdrawal. I guess bonus is not the only option to consider while choosing any broker imo.

Yeah regulation is very important also not listening to brokers who are jokers and will make you broker I have told the broker who called me that I wish to stop the transaction and do not wish to proceed after reading the comments on binary options. My question to everyone out there willing to help is, Has anyone had BigOption remove money from their account without their consent? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated I need to know if I now have to cancel my account.

February edited February Good luck I would file a chargeback after you ask them to cancel binary options no deposit bonus november 2015 sample papers transaction. They will try to do whatever they can to keep your money With them anything is possible Bonuses in general is quite a risky topic and not only with this broker. You should take bonuses only when you're sure of your abilities. Always be carefull with taking bonuses. Read the recommendations first about the bonus.

Mostly they try to lure you with bonuses to try to lock your account. Greetings, BSB Zen blueskybinary. You always must read about the terms and conditions about the bonuses. Well Think deep and understand the term is best option. Very binary options no deposit bonus november 2015 sample papers post that is whay I do not agree to take the bonusses. I've always said and always will that bonuses is a very slippery slope! Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 1 ethanscott.

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Over the past couple of years, the binary options trading industry has been focusing their eyes firmly on brokers that are regulated. There are also major differences between the type of trading platforms adopted by these brokers and ZoomTrader. While most brokers have chosen to adopt the SpotOption powered trading platform as their trading platform, ZoomTrader have instead opted to use the Tradologic powered platform.

While the Tradologic powered platform might not be as fancy as the SpotOption platform, it does have its own plus points. For example, the platform allows traders to decide what format they want their trading screen in. Traders also have the options to decide their return and risk ratio for every single trade. However on ZoomTrader, there is no such limitation. These tools are used for closing a position before its expiration time and for extending the expiry time of an option respectively.

As for trading accounts at ZoomTrader, they have given traders a choice of 4 different types of trading accounts. Beginners can start with the Bronze account and gradually work their way up to Silver and Gold trading accounts. For those who are interested in trading in volume, they are recommended to open a Platinum trading account as this type of account is more suitable to those who are dealing with larger amounts. Since beginning their operations in , ZoomTrader has proven to be a very reliable broker and maintain a high standard in the quality of the services that they offered.

We can see this from the fact that they are always ready to assist traders 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To make the task of communicating with the support team easier, they have provided traders with several communication channels such as email, live chat and the telephone to contact them. Miscommunications between the support team and traders are kept to a minimum with the availability of multi-lingual support in several major Asian and European languages.

This broker is not recommended. This broker is either not regulated or generates a large number of complaints. ZoomTrader Review Over the past couple of years, the binary options trading industry has been focusing their eyes firmly on brokers that are regulated.

Trading Accounts and Contracts As for trading accounts at ZoomTrader, they have given traders a choice of 4 different types of trading accounts. Trading contracts at ZoomTrader are divided into 5 different categories as listed below: