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The following are the closed issues for the 6. The AppSpace count was displayed incorrectly on the Domain summary page. The issue is now fixed, and only unique AppSpaces in a Domain are now counted. This has been fixed. An exception was thrown in the Admin UI when the process and activity statistics gathering feature was turned off.

In a multi-agent network, when users edited configuration properties of the AppSpace of a bwagent that was down, error messages were not thrown. The screen froze with no response, and the updated value could be seen only when the page was refreshed. An exception 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta thrown in the Admin UI if the process and activity statistics gathering feature was turned off.

When configuring AppNode and AppSpace properties from the Admin UI, long property names were not displayed properly in the configuration tables. The application status was displayed incorrectly when viewing it from the bwadmin client and the Admin UI. The application status was Impaired if a module property in the EAR file was updated and redeployed again.

Now, users only require AppArchive permissions to upload and deploy archive files. The backup script was 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta the -version argument to back up AppSpaces. The backup script for ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6. The backup command only supports the creation of a zip archive. The -z option to create 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta zip archive is obsolete. If the argument '-s destination' is an existing folder, you can choose a name. The Swagger UI did not show the error code for bad requests such as client faults, invalid inputs, and so on.

If a group was configured to reset activity outputs for each iteration of the loop, that contained an Invoke activity for a sub process that throws an exception, the reset would not happen and the output of the previous successful iteration would remain.

The model for selecting a substitution group has been updated. With this fix, users can drop an element on the left side to choose the member of the group to use. When upgrading from ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks release 6. The variables are now available inside the Catch or the 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta All block, and validation errors from migrated projects are now resolved.

Removing or renaming the Activator process now updates 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta activator configuration section of the application module. When a custom XPath function was created and the concerned class was renamed using the standard 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta mechanism, that is, the custom XPath function, was not found under the list of functions. When multiple applications used the same application module or shared module, and the application module or shared module contained a Shared Resource that was referenced by these applications, the application failed to start if the status of the Shared Resource was Degraded.

The activity [Mapper] has input configuration error. The variable list in an Iterate group was incorrectly reset when the JDBC activity inside the group was refreshed. Empty module properties, that have String set as the data type, are allowed, irregardless of whether they are used by an activity configuration.

Empty process properties are not allowed. A validation error is thrown for empty process properties, irregardless of whether they are used by an activity configuration. When users deleted shared modules, and re-imported the project, the Call Process activity did 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta maintain the name of the subprocess it formerly referenced. Improvements made to indexing and XSD parsing reduced the amount of time it took to import and validate large migrated projects.

If the engine was configured for the fault tolerance mode, and was using the MySQL 5. Duplicates of subprocesses and the Start activity were incorrectly shown in the process launcher view. Process properties that were defined on an activity were deleted if the activity was removed from the process. If a Surround with ForEach group was applied to an element that was currently part of a For Each group, the current-group Xpath function did not display under the Data Source tab.

When a process file was moved from one folder to another folder, two threads were concurrently triggered, which caused deadlock. Module properties, that were part of a property group, can now be selected when configuring an activity. The Migrate BW Projects The No Schema with target namespace found in the module errors were thrown when users migrated BusinessWorks 5.

8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta recursion, that occurs if nested coercion contains cyclic schema types, is now prevented. When importing dependent schemas, schema references were not always properly resolved when the application was started. When the engine persistence mode was configured for datastore mode, the duplicate key detection feature did not work with the PostgreSQL database. InvocationTargetException was intermittently thrown in Business Studio if users had configured an application module to use a shared module contained within another shared module.

After creating a new process and launching it in the Debugger, an exception was thrown. When elements of data type any were coerced, their sibling elements were also coerced.

In the Mapper activity, after mapping a text variable for the first time if you move to another tab, the text node disappeared from the UI. Activities that the user had set to be hidden in Business Studio were incorrectly displayed in the Palettes pane if the user created a new process.

While mapping a repeating element in the design time, the corresponding runtime XSLT was not generated properly. It missed one of the xsl: After fixing errors in the migrated project and saving the project in the workspace took a long time to build.

Duplicate references forced the cache to require schema locations where they were not needed. So, duplicate references to documents in the document cache are no longer created. Duplicate references forced the cache to require schema location attributes where they were not needed. When BusinessWorks applications used schemas with no target namespace, the following error was thrown:. The Invoke activity can now be used with the Accumulate Output feature for groups. A NULL pointer exception was reported repeatedly at design time.

The error was thrown when the 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta schema from the input editor of an activity was replaced, and the new schema mapping was configured. Effective boolean value of a required component is always true. When upgrading from version 6. As a result, any custom configurations in the configuration or.

The NullPointerException can be ignored if the REST application can be accessed from web browser, and the application can be started and stopped as usual. After migrating the BW project to BW 6. Selecting and migrating dependent processes is now supported. Click the Select Linked Processes button, to migrate all the dependent processes under the main process. The Shared Resource refreshed only on un-mapping and re-mapping the data format. When an ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.

This has been fixed now. A run time error was thrown. This is now fixed. The FTL Subscriber activity allows the user to specify its 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta name to allow it to dynamically create a durable listener. String; cannot be cast to java. An exception was thrown, and the application failed to start, if the Send HTTP Request activity in an application process tried connecting to a remote, and secured, REST service configured to use a proxy server. An error was thrown if the the JMS Receiver activity received a message that was configured to use application properties, but did not contain any application properties.

The Parse JSON activity converted large numbers into scientific form which was not validated against the decimal type. This also caused rounding off numbers when roundtripped, 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta example, when json is translated to xml, which is then translated back to json.

The JMS Receiver activity threw an out of memory exception when the one of the applications using the shared resource was stopped. The JDBC Call Procedure activity failed to fetch results when an output parameter was used at the same time there was a cursor as return type.

The JDBC Update activity incorrectly listed all stored procedures for selection after catalog was specified as a filter. Unable to obtain information for the method [analyze2DArray] from the class [test2DArray]. RV activities in sub-processes with xmlCompliantFieldNames or xmlFormat enabled fail after migration.

New projects will work after migration. For old projects the RV activities with these properties enabled should be deleted and re-created. RV activities in sub-processes with xmlCompliantFieldNames or xmlFormat enabled failed while parsing the process file.

To trigger the refresh of a Java activity's signature, select or reselect the Java Class Name in the activity's General tab after the Java activity is modified. However, the UI is not refreshed automatically. You must close the project and then re-open it to refresh the UI. For example, if the root element name was " Books " and the file name was " Books1.

If an WSS Consumer policy was configured to verify decryption, but not configured for authentication, an error message was incorrectly logged instead of a debug message. No search has been performed. The closed issues are grouped by components: Instead, the status of AppNode was shown displayed as stopped. AMBW An EAR application file entry was missing from the bwagent database, from the table earfile for a deployed application, operations such as application view, delete, deploy, 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta so on failed.

This has now been fixed. AMBW When a user tried to modify a module property in application configuration using non-existent properties, the incorrect error message was 8 replies to 25089 binary optionsta. AMBW To specify another host name, set the bw.

Instead, the field incorrectly showed admin as the user who uploaded the archive file when it was uploaded by a different user. AMBW In a multi-agent network, when users edited configuration properties of the AppSpace of a bwagent that was down, error messages were not thrown.

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